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Welcome to the Harsh Land of Osnon

The curse of a dying Witch King has twisted the land and many of its inhabitants, turning elves, dwarves and halflings into little more than marred deviations in the human gene pool. People call it the “White Curse,” since the death of the Witch King has also brought a new ice age.

The White Curse

Once upon a time, an evil Witch King rules the land. He demanded that his people forsake the gods and worship only him. So the people turned against him, piercing his body with arrows and swords.

The Witch King’s blood seeped into the ground, and his malevolence spread. It warped and twisted everything it touched, causing great upheavals as the land revolted. And when everything settled, it brought a terrible cold. The people call this the White Curse, and learned to endure it. But the Witch King;s spirit also endure it. But the Witch King’s spirit also endured. As time passed, he grew stronger in afterlife, ever yearning to return and take revenge. The twisted lands began to hear his call.

Now, the veil between living and dead grows thin. Horrible shadows slip into the world, and old artifacts of the Witch King’s making start to awaken.

Home Page

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