People of different cultures worship similar gods, though sometimes under different names. It is said that a god’s power is relative to the size of it’s following. Open worship of any non-human gods has recently been forbidden throughout the land by the Council of Ode, though they cannot enforce it outside the city. Only Dagon is excepted, due to the demand for Dagonite technology.

Figures of Worship


Amongst Humans, the harsh and unforgiving Ded, God of Laws, has several large churches and knightly orders, the Whitecloaks being one example.

The Bleeder

Ded has a traitor son whose name has been banished from existence. He is still worshipped in mystic blood cults under the name of the Bleeder. Bleeder cults are outlawed in Ode and many pocket civilizations, and their priests are feared by all.

The Lost Goddess

Ded’s wife was the Goddess of Summer, loved by all but now called the Lost Goddess. She has a small but devout following, most notably the Flower Monks. They try to preserve her power until she finds her way back to the land.

The Witch King

The Witch King ruled decades ago and demanded people forsake the gods and worship only him. It is rumoured that the Witch King is worship in secret by various cults who work to awaken their master.


Dagonites worship Dagon, an ancient sea god of prosperity.


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